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  1. *[end]
    n. 结束, 终点, 目标, 末端, 梢, 死亡, 残余
    vt. 结束, 终结, 终止
    vi. 结束, 终结, 终止
    【计】 端; 结束
    【经】 结束, 收盘
    at the end of...
    be at the end of...
    by the end of...
    at the end of one's row
    be at an end
    be on the receiving end
    bring to an end
    carry sth through to the end
    come to an end
    end for end
    end in...
    end off
    end on
    end to end
    end up
    end up doing
    end up with...
    from end to end
    in the end
    keep one's end up
    make an end of...
    meet one's end
    no end
    be no end fine
    no end of...
    on end
    put an end to...
    think no end of...
    fight to the end
    to the end of time
    to the end that...
    without end
    at a loose end
    at one's wit's end

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